Friday, June 29, 2012


So I am not a runner....or at least not a great one, or a good one even.  I do run, so I guess I am technically a runner, but I definitely don't have a 26.2 or a 13.1 or even a 5k (yet) sticker on my car.  PS. do they even make stickers for 5k's?  Anyway, I have been motivated by a few things to train for a 5k.
Thing 1:
EVERYONE on my facebook seems to be running...a TON...and it makes me feel like a slacker.  Haha I know that sounds really lame and very much like I would jump off of a bridge if my facebook friends did, but I can assure you, that even when I was in middle school in Manteo and everyone was literally jumping off of the downtown bridge into the sound, I wasn't (thanks Mom...)  So I am not a big follower, but I think working out is different.  If other people doing something great, like getting in shape, is gonna guilt me into doing it to, why the heck not?  So, I am....trying....

Thing 2:
I feel like crud.  When Jordan proposed in 2010 I promised myself I was NOT going to be that girl who is the chubby bride.  But I was...
I still felt beautiful on my wedding day, because NOTHING could take away my joy about marrying the man God made for me.  Looking back, I wish I had done better...but I was working 12 hour shifts on night shift as a police officer, planning and DYI-ing my whole wedding myself (with my mom of course), and buying a house with my wonderful lets just put it lightly...I was a little stressed ;)  Working out for me has not usually been a stress reliever.  In fact, it sometimes worries me more than not working out. When I was a police officer, we all had to run the POPAT every 6 months to keep our jobs.  The POPAT, in short terms consists of 200 yrds of running, 40 push ups, 40 sit ups, 6 flights of stairs, 2 drags of a 150 lb person, breaking through a 50 lb door, and crawling through a 50ft culvert.  In less than 7 minutes and 20 seconds.  Now to some people, that is no biggie.  To a lot of cops actually...but to a girl like me....who has struggled with her weight since the 5th grade and hasn't ever been great at athletics, its really hard.  This requirement made me crazy with stress at work, and every time I went to the gym or for a jog, I thought about my short comings and how I wasn't good enough to pass POPAT with ease.  I don't have to do POPAT anymore (ever again hopefully), so I stopped working out altogether.  I gained a little more weight (a combo of happily married and lazy bum) and I am really down about it.  I want to be a good wife and look good for my hubby, and be healthy so we can live a long life together.  Right now though, I feel like I am totally out of shape and icky.

Thing 3:
I have ALWAYS been busty, since the 6th grade when I started at a B cup and went up a cup size every year until high school...then I plateaued, but in college, well lets just say they are big.  I feel pretty restricted by my chest in a lot of ways.  I can't wear cute little sundresses or shirts with cool backs because my bras will show, I cant buy cheap bathing suits because two triangles and some string is a friggin joke...I have to go way up in sizes in dresses to get one to fit, and sometimes I leave the store in tears because I feel so bad, and my bras are crazy expensive and hard to find.  I have used them as an excuse/crutch from working out for a long time.  I've said I cant run because my boobs are too big and its just too hard.  Well I am better than that, its not too hard and I CAN do it if i try.  When I was in the police academy, I had to run everyday.  I hated it, but I got through it because I had to.  Now I don't have to, but I need to.

SO in light of all of these, I have encouraged a bunch of friends & my hubby to sign up with me and we are going to run The Color Run in Charlotte in November!!  I've been using the 5k runner app on my phone and am on week 2.  I want this, I need this, and I will NOT give up this time!

We are raising money for Habitat for Humanity so if anyone wants to help out feel free!

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