Thursday, September 20, 2012

Well That's Embarrassing...

Last night Hubby and I were talking about how much we have both changed our eating habits over the past few months.  It really has been a complete turn-around for me...when I was still working as a police officer I had crazy hours (6AM-6PM) for about 4 days a week and I couldn't count on my scheduled days off because we were having to pull a lot of overtime.  I used that as an excuse to quit playing in my kitchen, as I so love to do...

Hubby and I joked that we were going to calculate a "typical day" of eating into My Fitness Pal to see just how many calories we used to eat daily without even thinking...I did


I will share this with the world, because I never want to eat like this (regularly) again!  Indulgences have their place and I definitely want the freedom to splurge on a sweet treat or a big restaurant meal sometimes, however, this type of eating would have eventually killed me...which is scary.  

I didn't eat this badly on days I wasn't working, but seeing as I worked about 18 out of every 30 days, it was still pretty detrimental.

Here is a screen shot and calorie count for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and dessert
YES YES I ate donuts as cop...don't hate ;)
Donuts are delicious...

ugh...I feel so bad for ever having done this to my body...I have made a change though...and as of this morning, lost another 1.5 lbs...yay!  Not to mention, I was subpoenaed to testify for an old arrest I made in a case from my police days, and I was able to wear a skirt & suit jacket that hasn't fit for a year...NSV! (for those who don't know, that means Non Scale Victory...I had to Google to decode most of what people post on my fitness pal message boards lol)

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