Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mad Tea Party Baby Shower

My beautiful friend Meredith is pregnant and she is having a GIRL!!  Meredith is so sweet and we LOVE her, so my friend Crystal put on our baby-shower-throwin' hats yet again!  This time, we chose a tea party as a theme.  Meredith is, quite literally, a princess (she worked at Disney World for a few years after college as Cinderella AND Aurora).  Because we chose a tea party, and Mere has such a heart for Disney magic, we chose to make the tea party an Alice In Wonderland style Mad Tea Party!

I made invitations, menus, tea labels, and place cards on microsoft word.  If any one reading this is interested in buying printables, let me know.  If there is interest, I was considering putting them in an etsy shop.  The menus said "Eat Me" and the tea labels said "Drink Me" to go with the Alice In Wonderland theme.

The invitations say: "The Queen of Hearts requests the honor of your presence at a mad tea party baby shower for Meredith.  Don't be late for the very important date 12 o'clock noon June 21.  Arrive in your best tea attire for all of us to admire!" and then it gives the address.  I made a little teabag & tag to add for the RSVP and registry info.  The RSVP says: "RSVP by June 18th to [my email address] or off with your head!"

Here is the menu:

Crystal and I combined our collections of china and serving dishes and we filled the tables with beautiful flowery dishes, silver flatware, tea pots, and tiered tea treat servers.  We made all of Meredith's favorite things, including my homemade cupcakes! I made a corsage for Mere with silk flowers with a little clock to go with the theme.  We covered Crystal's house with different types of whimsical flowers and I literally painted some roses red for the table.  I had a ton of little tea cups that my grandmother left me when she passed.  We filled them with hummus and veggies so each girl who attended had their own personal serving and got to chose a unique cup and saucer.  

If anyone has questions, please feel free to comment!!  Enjoy!

The above photo is one of the games we played:  name that baby food!  Some ladies chose only to use their noses, but some actually tasted!

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