Sunday, June 22, 2014

Team Umizoomi Birthday Cake

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my niece Emma and nephew Evan.  They are the sweetest, most kindhearted, and bright-eyed little children ever!  I have the ultimate privilege of making their birthday cakes each year.  This year was no exception.  Luckily, Evan's birthday party fell the weekend on the end of my spring break from law school, and Emma's birthday is in June, while I'm out for summer [see my next post for Emma's cake].

Evan had chocolate cake with chocolate ganache covered with fondant in a Team Umizoomi theme.  Evan loves the cartoon (and I've never seen it haha).  I used a lot of bright colors and basic shapes on Evan's cake.  I printed some images of Geo and Bot and took them to Lowe's Foods and had them printed onto edible paper.  I transferred those images to fondant and put them on the cake.  This way they would be pretty exact.  While I think I could probably make the images with fondant after a lot of hard work and intricate cutting, I am a hopeless perfectionist and its much less stressful to use an actual image.

I made a pennant bunting with Evan's name on it and a fondant "2" and used those for the topper.

The cake went over SO well and Evan and his Momma, my sweet sis-in-law, loved it!!

Let me know what you think!

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