Sunday, June 22, 2014

Max and Ruby Birthday Cake

My beautiful niece turned 5 this June.  She is my little-bestie.  I love her, and she loves her "Meme."  This year, she chose strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream and wanted a Max and Ruby birthday party.  I pinned several cakes on Pinterest and discussed options with my Sis-in-law.  She and I decided to use THIS CAKE and THIS CAKE to model Emma's cake after.

I have usually made my own fondant for all of my cakes in the past.  However, with my internship going on and because I had so many things to mold, I opted to buy it.  I bought Duff brand and Wilton brand fondant.  My fondant tends to be slightly dry as well, and with molding characters, I knew I would need something moist and pliable.

I got the blue Duff fondant to cover the cake.  It tasted GREAT, just as good as my homemade fondant that is made with marshmallow, water, powdered sugar, and almond extract.  I bought a pack of white Wilton fondant and two multi-packs of Wilton fondant. I used the Wilton on all of the cake decorations.

I used edible markers to draw on Max and Ruby's clothes.  The pack didn't come with a black marker, so I used a felt tipped pen and made sure no one ate Max or Ruby's head (haha).  My friend Laura helped me mold Ruby because I had never made 3D models like this before, but I made Max all by myself :)  

The coolest technique we used was for the pine trees.  We made green cones with fondant and took scissors and snipped all over the tree to make it look more like a tree.

Emma let out the most heart-warming squeal when she saw her cake and she told me a thousand times that weekend that I was the best cake-baker in the world.  Man I love her!!

For those of you who are like me and know nothing about kids' cartoons these days, this is what Max and Ruby look like:

Here are the pictures of Emma's Cake!

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